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October 27th, 2011

Quotation notice for stationary items

October 19th

Rank list for the selection of contegent workers

March 31st

March 30th


Front page panel

March 28th

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The Kerala Verma Valiya Koyil Thampuran has depicted Varkala and its tunnels as a landmark in the poem “MayooraSandesam”. The famous guru Narayana, a reformer made Varkala, his principle place in the period 1855 to 1928. He laid the foundation of the Sivagiri mutt and it has of late been another attraction of the small wonder destination. The samadhi of the late Guru is preserved in this place. Legends say, that a king of the Pandyan dynasty was instructed by the Lord Brahma to construct the Janardhana Temple to relieve the king of his sins.